Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The problem with blogs

The problem with doing a blog, I find, is when you forget to do any blogging for a while. That, along with some PC problems a while back has left me a bit lacking in the blog department. I'm not even sure if blogging has fallen out of fashion either? These days I'm using my Facebook page more as an outlet to tell about new projects, glass, and ideas. (It's if you haven't subscribed to it yet)

The big news is the Alien parasites and pathogen project which actually started well over a year ago, checking back my records I see it was the end of 2010, but is only just coming to fruition. These stemmed from some rather overly delicate pendants I was starting to make, I wanted to explore them as an idea but had so many people worried about wearing anything with even chunky parts sticking out in case they broke them I realised I couldn't make them as spiky pendants. Then last summer I had a customer who bought three of my non-spiky space pendants as he liked them so much he wanted to mount them in a frame. Doh! Why didn't I think of that!

However everything else seemed to get in the way of just being creative, so it's only been the past few months I've managed to get a few odd hours to begin work on them  As soon as I did I quickly found I had more ideas than time, glass, and nice expensive box frames! Although they are quite time consuming to make, they are very satisfying to work on, even though it's still lampwork it's really refreshing to have a break from the usual stuff I make for the stall and to go off onto a tangent like this. I'm hoping to get some more of these made ready for May......... but that's another story for next time (can't tell you everything straightaway, else they'll be nothing for the next blog instalment!)