Monday, 21 March 2011

I'm at Greenwich!

Last week was momentous! After a lot of work, I have been accepted to trade on weekends at Greenwich Craft and art market, so it's all systems go! I'd have blogged sooner, but I've been in Greenwich nearly the entire week until now!

Wednesday was a chance to test out some new stall displays, and get feedback from the market managers. I was delighted (and somewhat pleasantly stunned) when they said I could come back and trade any day! I returned on Friday, there were a lot more stalls, however it was bitterly cold and instead of making some much needed cash I spent loads on hot drink and food instead!

Saturday was the big day, the sun came out and I was delighted to be rushed off my feet. I had such great reactions from customers to my stall, and near the end of the day started running low on some stock which I really didn't expect. It was quite a relief to be so busy after so many lean weeks, and as I've had to spend a lot on new equipment for the stall too. Sunday wasn't as busy for me, there were a few minor problems, but not enough to mar an incredible start to trading at Greenwich. It's quite an effort to haul all the display equipment as well as enough glass, I seem to be breaking a trolley every week! The new heavy duty one I got Thursday broke on Sunday morning, so I'll be glad when I can get storage space near the market.

I will certainly be back next weekend, and as many after that as I can manage. In the meantime I've still got some tweeks to do to the stall, plus I need to melt some glass! I've barely made any glass for the past two weeks as I've been so busy trimming material and making display stands, so I want to make lots of new stuff for this weekend. I will be a little slack on posting new items on line until I get settled in, but once I have I will start filling my Etsy and Folksy shops with new glass!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Selling Happy

This Saturday I dragged my increasingly battered case up to Highgate for a new-ish fair in North London. As I'd booked last minute was put outside, which turned out to be great as the sun came out, and the tables were bigger! It was in a pub, and setting up on one of those beer-garden tables with seats was a bit odd, but I seemed to make a fairly good job of it (unlike the photo I took which didn't save!)

To be honest, it wasn't really as busy as I'd expected, however I did ok, and really quite enjoyed it after a slow start. I've met and seen a lot of different stall and stall holders lately, and I am really surprised the amount of different ways they approach selling. Personally, I just turn up and waffle to anyone how wants to listen about glass!

I've certainly seen a few people struggling too, and I've been there too. However tonight on my way home I compared it to my 'old life' where I was selling electrical engineering stuff that people had to buy, and how little joy there was in that. People were buying it to fix problems, but now I feel like I am selling people a little bit of happy.

Today there was a lovely lady who really liked the pendants but was torn between two, until her husband offered to buy both, which made her really happy! The funny thing is I've done the same thing, because treating my other half makes her happy, which makes me feel happy. Does that make sense? I am not making something that people have to have - like cornflakes, or soap - but something they like which is going to make them feel good when they wear it, or something they are going to give as a gift which they hope is going to make the recipient smile too.

So when I am struggling with a broken wheeled trolley, ends are quite meeting, or I'm standing on a packed commuter train after standing all day behind a stall, I can at least try to remember why I am now doing this, because when I think of it in this way how can I not think how lucky I am to have such a great job!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Out and about!

A bit short notice, but I am out and about with 'stuff' including lots of new marbles too! Wednesday I am (fingers crossed) at Greenwich market, the covered main market, as I am doing a trial day there from first thing to close, which will probably be about 4-5pm.

Saturday is even more exciting as I am attending a new market in Highbury that is running about there times a month. It's 12-5.30 at 'The Boogaloo' bar at 312 Archway Road in Highgate, London. More info at I will be there with lots of new pendants, marbles, stoppers, and all manor of glassy 'stuff!'

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Decisions, decisions

It's been another tough week, I normally am quite good at making decisions and then going and getting on with things, but not this week as I try to decide 'where next.'

I've been hoping to take a semi-permanent stall somewhere, but as with everything it's all about the location. I wasn't really happy with Spittlefields market, although the people are nice I did feel like my stall must have been touched by the plague as no one really wanted to come and look, and they don't run a Saturday market. Camden was 'interesting' but I was so tired out from doing Spittlefields (plus the nightmare tube breakdown at the start of the day) I had to cancel the Sunday.

I'd really like to be at a dedicated crafts and art market, this week I went to chat to the Greenwich market manager. I am due to do a trial day on Wednesday, but they have a 'no more jewellery' policy which means I'd might not be able to sell my pendants there. That might make it unviable, I am hoping they will see how unique and unusual they are and let them in. If not, I guess it'll probably back to Camden for now, but it's tough trying to sell hand made goods next to cheap imports. As I planned to be at a permanent location I've recklessly turned down a couple of one day fairs, and wondering about trying to book up some now just in case.

In the meantime I'm melting glass like a manic, and it's become a creative time for me again as I re-explore marbles. I've been experimenting with some new design ideas, again based on sci-fi and space themes. I've got no photos yet, they still need some baking to really bring the colours out, but I'll try to post some photos here or on my Facebook page within a few days. If anything fiddling around with stalls and making display equipment is really cutting into time I prefer to be creating. In the meantime I am trying to list at least one new thing a day in my Etsy and/or Folksy shop. I am using the Facebook page a lot more now when I do, so if you haven't found it yet it's on