Thursday, 23 December 2010

Merry Xmas and a Steamy New Year!

Over the next few weeks I am hoping to work on a few neglected projects, that's as long as I don't eat too much! Apart from working on some more shaving brushes, I want to finally get around to a little Steampunk sculpture/gadget I've had in mind for over 6 months now. I've got some of the glass for it made, but it was only a few weeks ago I managed to put together the main wooden carcass. I am sitting around indoors awaiting the Post Office to (hopefully) deliver several overdue parcels, so have brought a few bits in from the shed to work on them (all the glass melting equipment being too noisy for me to hear any knocks at the door!)

It's really not looking very impressive yet, the next job is to put a decorative finish on the brass plate using a technique I came across by accident a few years ago. Its an oil based finish, so might take a couple of weeks to dry, plus I am not sure I can remember exactly how I did it originally, so it might be a few weeks before I have more of this project to show. If it comes out well, then I might build a bigger and more complex one. In the back of my mind I sort of know what it is, but explaining might take some doing, so you'll have to wait to see how it progresses.

Although I'll be around over the Xmas and New Year break I might not be on line as much, so let me take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported me over the past year with helpful comments, ideas, inspiration, and by buying from me! Do have a happy Xmas and great New Year!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Casting Pewter, and 'Carry on Screaming'

If you can't buy it, make it! Well, that's my motto, with the added proviso that if you can't buy quite what you need or what you buy is rubbish quality then see if you do better!

With a bit more time after the chaos that the lead up to xmas brings, I decided to try my hand again at pewter casting. I'd not done it for a while, put off by the cost of the special rubber resin that's needed to make the moulds. I wanted to make my own custom shaving brush parts, so at the same time thought it would be nice to add some extra flourish to them too, as well as making them more suitable for fitting glass parts to.

Here are my first efforts which, sadly, are disappointing but I knew the first ones wouldn't go to plan. I'd forgotten how hard the rubber was to work with, it's very thick and sticky, and my original sunk to the bottom making the mould too deep! Mind you, an old 'Moo card' box made a very handy mould former!

The first one (bottom left corner) has half the top missing where the metal didn't flow down properly. I tweaked the mould and it worked a little better, but the bottom was only half filled producing a half ring. I guess this was from the air not escaping quickly enough, or the sections being too thin for the metal to happily flow into it. I'd like to re-tweak the mould (thus saving some expensive rubber) but I think I might thicken up the sections of the prototype and start a fresh. The easiest way would be to split the mould to make two 'D' shaped sections, but I don't want too many mould lines so am trying to work with the natural dips in the prototype.

I found a little time for some glass, I've never managed to make eye's before (except very tiny, tiny ones) so when I saw in the latest 'Glassline' magazine a different way of making them I had to have a go! I think catching a bit of 'Carry on Screaming' before I made the first one might have influenced me a bit, with it's blood shot eye and trailing bloody optic nerve! The second was a bit more 'fish eye,' and when I got to the third I wondered what on earth I was going to do with all these wonky eyes!? I guess I'll end up popping them in a nice old laboratory jar and leave it in the kitchen spice rack! Yes, around here everyday is Halloween!

Monday, 13 December 2010

Christmas is Over & Synchronicity

It's been a crazy few weeks, what with two craft fairs and a welcome influx of orders, plus various 'dayjob' things that need my attention at the same time! Last Thursday I was at the Museum of London's Docklands branch for their Xmas evening fair. It was nice to be in the warm, but after a frantic hour of getting the stall up, three hours of chatting to customers and stall holders, then a frantic half hour packing up the dry air started taking it's toll as I begun loosing my voice! Luckily a couple of old friends turned up (including Miss Alice who seems to know every interesting corner of London!) who insisted I stop for a quick drink before trundling back on the DLR to get home, like Cinders, by midnight.

With nothing else planned now, it suddenly feels like xmas is over for me! I'm still adding to the Folksy and Etsy shops, and a good job too as one of my razors has been featured in the Folksy Festive Sampler, which is both an online newspaper, and a real paper that's being given away around the UK! I need to make more shaving brushes and razors (they are quite time consuming) and I am in two minds whether to continue to sell them on Folksy or sell them on my website to save people the hassle of opening accounts on Folksy, although I suspect I'll carry on just selling them on there for the time being.

At least now it feels like I might get time to sort out one or two projects I've been mulling over for a while, including some custom metalwork for the shaving brushes. The night before I was about to order in supplies I was chatting to my other half about silver cored beads, as I know boro versions of these would look fantastic. Spookily the next morning I logged into Frit Happens (a forum for lampworkers) and found someone offering a special press to help core them! Such strange synchronicity, I had to buy it, and now added to my 'to-do' list is practice big-hole-beads too. I suspect my Xmas break is going to be quite busy after all!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

When is Purple, or Blue, Pink?

It seems that pink is a colour I continue to have problems with! Not just with pink glass, but boxes too!

I spent a lot of time trying to find just the right boxes to fit the marble bottle stoppers I make. Most I came across just didn't suit the long profile, and those that were long enough were too shallow. I was about to take a deep breath and have some made to measure (which could have been expensive) when I found the ones I now use. At the same time I also got new boxes for my pendants as well. Although more expensive, they were much better quality, had nice pristine white cushioning, and much more sturdy - very important when posting stuff out!

Of course things don't always go to plan! I had originally chosen purple for the samples, but they had no stock, so went for classic black. When I went to order lots more in time for the Dark Mills Festival I found they were out of stock until after the festival was over! Ekk! However they now had purple back in stock, so went for that, even though it meant I'd have a few non-matching boxes.

The first box I opened was great, a light but nice shade of purple, but all the rest were so light they were (in my opinion) pink, or lilac at the very least! I couldn't really wait another four weeks for replacement black, so have stuck with them. I've nearly used them all, so now I've gone back to black, at least that way there is more chance of them being the right colour in future!

Pink is a colour I have real problems with when working it, all the brands bar one seem to bubble and cause problems. I have come across one make which is lovely - and really expensive and hard to get! However I was delighted last night when I coated the back of a pendant in wisteria blue, only for if to come out a really nice shade of pink! Boro - it's weird stuff sometimes!

Pictured here is a new pendant I made last week for a commission, I really must work with more Gilson opals!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Real-life SteamPunk For Dangerous Ladies

I can't think of anything more Steampunk than these! They are beautifully made antiques, with plush boxes, and one even has decorative motifs cut into the side. They are wearable, and gadgets with a real use even though not a very nice one!
I am not sure who would want to wear a revolver as a ring, but seeing the recent fashion for Steampunk's wearing all manor of pistols and ray-guns I am sure this will inspire someone to create a non-lethal version! Many thanks to Alain of for his kind permission for sharing his pictures of these wonderful antique with you.

Yes, they are real revolvers! The first one was made in London in 1870, and the box says it all! Mind you, can you see many blokes loading those fiddly but -oh-so-cute!!!! little bullets?! I am not sure if the recoil would do more damage to the wearer rather than the victim, but then would you cross anyone who wore a loaded gun on her finger? They do say the female is more deadlier than the male, and here we have proof of that! This first one even has seven shots rather than six!!!

Alain has pictures of two others, one is called 'Le Petit Protector,' and another more decorative one is unnamed. He has loads more curios on his site too if you want more crazy Victorian gun inspiration - even a miniature canon that fires at midday by being triggered from a lens on a sundial!!

Friday, 12 November 2010

Upcoming Fairs

I am out and about, and at large again soon! First of all I will be at West Bergholt, which is just outside Colchester on Saturday 20th. It runs from 10am till 4pm, and there is more info here;

Also on Thursday 9th December I will be in London, at The Museum of London's Docklands venue for their Christmas fair. This is an evening event, and runs from 6pm till 9pm, I understand there will be about 50 stalls, mince pies, mulled wine, and even carol singers (although I can't vouch for them all being called carol!) More info;

Excuse the lack of blog and Twitter postings of late, I've been frantically making for both of these fairs, plus items for a shop in Cirencester called M.A.D.E at 9 Silver Street. They don't have as large a selection of my work as The York Gift Gallery, but they do now have a selection of my Steampunk Whistles and Marble Bottle Stoppers! Please do check it out if you are in the area and let me know what you think!

The York Gift Gallery (19 The Shambles, York) I am pleased to hear from owner Kate that it is going from strength to strength. They managed to raise £100 last week towards Breast Cancer, and I was more than pleased to help it along with a pink pendant from me. You may have noticed a lack of 'pinkness' in my shops, it's one of the colours I find hardest to work with, so it's quite a rare pendant!

You may also have noticed a lack of new 'stuff' in my Etsy and Folksy shop of late, making the recent batch of razors has taken up a lot more time than I realized, plus I am making lots of new stuff for both the upcoming fairs and the York Shop, but I will try and get some new bits listed soon! It's great to be so busy, I even had to order a 'little' bit of glass - 32kg of clear rods!!!! That should keep me going for a few months! I have lots of ideas of new things to try, including a still half finished glass Steampunk sculpture, but I guess I might not get the chance to do them until the xmas holidays!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Razors, Marbles, and Beer

It's been an odd week, most of which I've spent trying to make as many razors as I can, only to run out of the heads! About ten minutes ago the postman turned up with some more (phew!) so I will get some more listed on Folksy soon! This had me going through my stash, and I am now reaching the end of the old two blade versions which aren't made anymore. I think I've got two more to list, then it'll be the end of a little era, and I'll only have the Mach3 heads which are a little more expensive. I still have a stash of shaving brushes, however they are limited in quantity too. I've found some replacements, but they don't have the nice silver finials and are a lot more expensive. At least I know have the firepower on my new torch that it's a little easier to make such large glass items, I just need to make them now!

After getting the new torch I realised I needed a bigger marble mould to help me when making marbles and cabochons. Almost everything I seem to do starts in some way as a marble, until reshaped or bits are added. In a fit of madness I ordered a new mould from USA, not realising how big it was! It's massive! The picture here shows it next to my original first graphite marble paddle, the largest hole on that is 25mm (1 inch) and this one has 6 holes on each side, going up to a whopping 1 3/4 inches! As only use the rim of the mould this (in theory) means I could make marbles up to 2inch or more although I've not managed to do anything bigger than 40mm yet that stayed in once piece!

Our local pub closed recently, only to reopen a week later under new management. It's good that it's still going, but the changes aren't good for us as my other half has lost her part time work there as barmaid. I am not sure how old the pub is but it's listed in 1841 census, but I don't know how much further it's history goes back. It's a real old world place, there are pictures in there from around 1900-1910 (at a guess looking at the outfits) when it was much smaller and next to what looks like a dirt track! We did manage to obtain a 'little' something from the landlady as she was clearing out. New pumps were put in a while back, and these older pumps are good solid brass (I guess they're 20 years old or more), rather than their new faux-brass replacements. There is talk when we eventually move of building a home mini-bar one day, and this will certainly help put Del-Boy Trotters home bar to shame! For now though, it will go into the loft until we decide when and where that will happen. It does give me time to find some more horse brasses and old beer pump badges to go with it though!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Random Hord of Metalwork

I guess it's not surprising that I own a few quite random things. Anything usual being sold or thrown away I do tend to pounce on, as well as hording all sorts of junk. W keep talking about clearing out the loft again, but neither of us can really face that mammoth task! Last time we got a quarter of the way in there before retreating with two car loads of boot fair and charity boxes!

Clearing out the workshop I came across these two moulds I bought years ago at a flea market. I've already posed the question 'what are they' over on Frit Happens forum; although the wise heads and glass addicts there were equally unsure, they all agreed they were excellent things to have! Best guess at the moment is they are injection moulding casts, the material seems to be a copper/copper alloy/bronze, and apparently a beryl-copper alloy is used in some injection moulding machines, plus the sprue hole seems very narrow for normal pouring of casting liquids.

The only thing I really am not sure of is what the resultant 'things' were for. One is bottle shaped, the other is column shaped, and both seem to have slightly textured flat backs which I guess are to glue onto something else. If anyone know please tell me, as I'd love to know!

We did also 'aquire' for a very reasonable sum a very grand bit of brassware this week, but I'll share some pictures of that next time, when hopefully I figured out what to do with it!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Return of the Razors!

Yes, razors are back!

One big problem I've had with making the razors I was selling in my Folksy shop last year was that the heads were no longer being made. Luckily I have a few squirreled away, although once these double blade ones are gone, they'll be gone for good!

Fortunately, I have managed to track down a source of new heads, and they take the Mach3 triple blades which I had lots of people asking about last year. They aren't quite as 'Edwardian' looking as the old type, and quite a bit more expensive, but it does mean I can continue to make them!

One problem I'd forgotten about (probably deliberately!) was the amount of rejects that I end up with. Making such long handles introduces alot of stress in the glass. Normally this isn't a problem as a good long soak in the kiln will anneal out these stresses. However on such long ones as this by the time I've finished working on the far end the other end has cooled too much and starts to crack! Even trying to keep it warm doesn't help, in fact it often makes it much worse, I even find that putting it into a warm kiln brings the temperature of the 'cold' end up too quickly and causes it to crack! Argh!

While trying to work around this I've been experimenting with making the entire handle solid glass. This makes, to my mind, much more pleasing and organic shapes with the light going straight through the handles allowing me to do much more exciting things with the colours and designs. Also as there is less metal work it makes the heads for it cost a little less too so I can do them a bit cheaper than the other Mach3 types! I really find this type exciting and want to do many more of these solid glass handles, I've only listed one so far but I have ideas for so many more

I have also found out the Venus Ladies blades fit these new heads too, so if I can get the pink boro to behave and not boil and bubble and go a horrible colour then I'll try making some Ladies razors too! Watch this space!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


My New GTT 'Lynx'!!!

Much excitement here as I have a new torch! Although calling it a 'torch' seems a little tame, flamethrower would be much more apt description!

My current 'old faithful' minor has served me very well, but I've been itching to work on larger pieces for quite a while, the lack of heat also makes it slower too, and I've been unable to make any marbles above 36mm - and that really is pushing it past it's limit.

For a while I've had my eye on a GTT Lynx, which I finally took a deep breath and ordered. In preparation I decided to spend the weekend tidying the workshop, which ended up being a bit more of a dramatic move than I planned involving moving the extractor system to give me more elbow room.

I've not had a real chance to play with it yet, although I did sneak in a quick hour to see what it could do - it's going to take a little getting used to! I managed to make a flower marble, just under 31mm, so that's a good start, although I seemed to get a lot more grot on the glass than I expected. I am hoping it's just the move and the shake up of the propane tank, as that tends to be where any dirt tends to come from. Hopefully now I can get stuck in and get those razors and shaving brushes made now I have the firepower to deal with them! I think there will be some loud music played this weekend as accompaniment to the soundtrack of a fierce flame and intense glass melting!

Here's a quick couple of pictures of the workshop before it gets untidy (it really doesn't take long!) Under the desk at the left is a bulk glass storage rack, can you believe this was all the room I used to have for my legs? No wonder I used to get cramp after a long session!

Monday, 4 October 2010

And the Winners are......

It seems like an age ago that I annouced that when I reached the magic 50 sales on Folksy I would do a little give away! Well, today a few little packages went out as a thank you for suporting my shop. I'd have loved to send something to everyone who bought from me, and favoured my shop! Instead I picked out of a hat (well, ok, not a real hat but a random number generator!) firstly Terry from (lovely neck warmers in silks, wools and cottons, ideal for these colder morning!) as one of the many people who have favourited my shop.

Second up was the fabulously named Treaclezoo who makes such fun crocheted things - they do look good enough to eat - who has been one of the many kind people who've bought from me on Folksy.

Hopefully I'll get to 100 sales on Folksy to do another giveaway with more prizes!

I've not managed to do much this week as I spent alot of time moving around the workshop, making more desk space so I can find what I'm looking for! Of course these things don't go to plan, so it took more time than expected, but the results have come up better than I expected, and now have a nice 'U' shaped workspace with the kiln back in easy reach - much safer than having to wander around with hot marbles. The worst part was having to move the extractor fan, only to knock it back down trying to get the benches back in! Doh! At least now I might not hit the wall with the end of long rods which was happening where I had it before. Above is a picture of the 'old' workshop, I'll try and get some new pictures taken before I make it too untidy!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

And The Answer is.....

Thank you to everyone who had a go at guessing what strange glass items I was making last week. The answer was..... Dog Whistles!

Set just above the range of human hearing but they can be heard by dogs (and cats, but they are above being summoned by a whistle!) these whistles can be used as a training aid. The metal is gold plated, giving it that bright brass look without having to polish! At the other end is a link which can be attached to a keyring, bag, belt, or hung around the neck on a cord. I have made a hollow borosilicate glass centre with lots of colour to make it more eye-catching.

I imaged them straightaway as being an ideal addition to a Steampunk utility belt or purse. As Steampunks are likely to get into many scrapes and adventures, I can see this being quite useful; whether it's crash landing an airship in the Artic and needing to get the attention of a passing huskies train, or distracting werewolves in the back streets of London, I am sure this will do the job while adding a touch of extra style to any outfit!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Marble Video

One of my most asked about items is the flower marbles I make. Maybe because I know how they are made I don't really think about it, so I was surprised when people asked me questions which I thought odd, like 'do I buy them and put glass around them?' I even had some people asking if they are real flowers inside! Initially I was surprised at that one, the idea of putting molten glass over real flowers! Toasty! Then I realised what a compliment that was, that I'm getting them more life like!

I figured the best way was to show how it's done. The problem with that is one of these can take me 35-45 minutes, depending on how well it works and how complex they are. I decided time lapse was the best way, so I speeded up the action three times to make this little 12minute video.

My camera memory is a bit limited, so I had to cut making the coloured glass cane that makes the stripy flowers, and the first ten minutes. Also it has a bit of a tint as I put a spare pair of safety glasses in the front to remove the sodium flares the glass produces - a previous attempt was just lots of bright yellow glows!

I hope you enjoy it, I just wish I could work so fast normally!

Monday, 20 September 2010

SteamPunk Saturday & Competiton

It feels like ages since I've been at the torch, what with so many events and things going on. One thing I've been wanting to do is make more Steampunk inspired stuff, but I seem to be easily distracted by pretty shiny new glass and techniques to try out.

I'm trying to make a conscious effort not to do 'sticking cogs on stuff.' I'm not saying there is anything wrong with 'sticking cogs on stuff,' but the genre is more than cogs. I guess it's part of the genre becoming more known, and thus more commercial, and cogs and gears are quite iconic. There is a whole other host of motifs that have yet to be explored. Also, making cogs out of glass is difficult. I know, I've tried.

One very common yet now seldom seen Edwardian design was faux marbling. You still see it on old books, and was done by floating oil based inks on water, making pretty swirls in it, then passing the paper under the water then up to 'stick' the colour on. Faking marble with paint on decor is even older, I have a copy of a 1600's book on how Paper Mache and wood was made to look like tortoiseshell and marble.
When I started making the razors (some exciting news about them coming very soon!) the first comment my 'other half' said was the effect reminded her of a tortoiseshell. Since those early ones the handles became more colourful, and now they remind me more of these old marbling effects. The name 'Steampunk Tortoiseshell' seemed to have stuck though!

I am also too practical for my own good, and even when I try to make Steampunk stuff often they don't get finished unless they 'do something!' This weekend I've been marrying up my 'Steampunk Tortoiseshell' glass with some brass parts (no cogs!) to produce something that does something, and is also wearable. Whether that 'something' is useful is another thing altogether! I'll announce what it is in a few days time when I start listing 'it' in my Etsy shop. However if you'd like to leave a comment with a guess the first one to get it right I'll send a free handmade marble to! No limit to the amount of guesses, and as an extra clue this device is unisex, and can easily be held in one hand. I can't wait to see your guesses!

Monday, 13 September 2010

Be a Revolutionary Rebel - Make and Buy One-off's!

Black Gilson Opal Heart inside red Pendant

Recently I applied to some of the 'professional' selling sites, the ones that go after adverts and write-ups in the glossy posh women's magazines as the place to buy from. Initially I was a bit disappointed that they weren't interested in what I have, but thinking about it again I can see how what I do doesn't suit their way of working, The more I think about it, the more I realise I am probably the complete opposite of what they do!

Everything I make ends up being a one off. It doesn't mater if I try to do the same thing twice to make a pair (now you see why I don't list many earrings!) each piece is always slightly different in some way. My curiosity often gets in the way too, 'what if I add green to the next one, or add this, or take that out?' and suddenly I'm making a one off again. If I put my mind to it I can make several flower marbles in a row, but even if they are the same colour they end up with the petals and shapes slightly different.
ZOOM!! Rocket pendant -listed st Etsy Store

For those who like one-off's this isn't a problem, but when listed in a glossy magazine I can see how that might be a problem. I remember an Orchid seller I used to know having the same problem when trying to win a contract with a large well-know chain store. Although he won on them being raised in England, he couldn't guarantee that each plant would be the same, which is what they wanted for them to all match on the shelf, so they went with a Dutch grower instead.
One of the things I found great about doing the stall last week was that people were so excited to be able to buy pendants that they knew were one off's. I'd forgotten what an usual and rare thing that has now become in our mass-produced society.
Tadpole Squiggle galaxy - listed at Folky

Not being able to 'knock out' twenty closely matching flowers does mean that I photograph and list each item individually. This week I re-jigged my photo setup for the twentieth time, as I seemed to spend hours taking photos that still weren't any good! Finally I've got a set up I am happy with, (for now!) and I'm getting more consistent photo's, and each is taking a lot less time too. This means I've been able to crack on and list the HUGE stash of pendants I've made recently, and start to re-fill my Etsy and Folksy stores.

I guess I'll never be a 'designer' with people wearing exactly the same handbag with the same logo in every city, but I know that when I box up and post out a pendant or a bottle stopper that the person at the other end is getting something unique, and that gives me a warm glow in itself. It's almost as if I'm being an underground rebel against the mass-produced culture! Viva La Revolution!

Monday, 6 September 2010

Dark Mills 2010

What an amazing weekend! Where do I start? We travelled up to London on Friday so we would be ready for an early start Saturday morning, having picked a hotel literally a stones throw from Merton Abbey Mills. We even bumped into the events creator on the tube on the way there! After an evening catching up with old friends I didn't sleep much as had too many 'did I pack that?' going around my head!

A big breakfast then I dragged a body bag sized case to the venue and started setting up at 8 am. Although the event didn't start till later, I got plenty of interest from locals out walking dogs and grabbing coffees. I had a few manic flurries, but the day was fairly quiet - well almost! I didn't realise quite how close to the stage I was, and from midday I started having to do a lot of shouting! After about 6pm I could feel a sore throat coming on, not to mention the sore feet! It was a really hot day but being close to the hotel I did manage to dive back to change while Ellie, my OH, took charge of the stall (including getting the first sale of the day!)

I got to talk to lots of people, so many were really complimentary about my glass, it was so nice for people to be able to see the colours and depths to them. Some people said I'd given them too much choice! Although I'd planned to stay open till 10, by 8 we were dead on our feet so threw everything in the case shut for the night. We'd originally planned to go to the 10pm bar/club, but after a quick bite to eat we were ready for bed! So much for my rock-'n-roll lifestyle!

Sunday was a much more relaxed day, but turned out to be more amazing still! We were able to set up later, so got a bit of a lie in, before forgoing the rather disappointing hotel grub for breakfast in the Waterwheel cafe, a smart move as it was soooo tasty! We were due to have a stall next to us on Saturday selling wigs, but sadly her car broke down. When Ghoulia Peculiars managed to make it on Sunday everyone was suitable overwhelmed by the amazing handmade creations she bought with her. Wigs don't even come close to describing them, even a full head masks to transform the wearer into a wolf! Her Ophelia wig was so long she said it still trailed the floor when a 6ft model was wearing it (with heals!) There was quite a bit of trying on, even the compare Dave Disaster ran away wearing a rather fetching floral one onto the stage! One of the things that made the event so enjoyable was that all the organisers and co-ordinators were so friendly and helpful, and very, very well organised!

I managed to get more breaks during the day, and after 8pm we slowly started packing away just as a troupe of fire performers started to heat things up! Ellie got some fantastic shots of them (I'll upload more on my facebook page from the weekend.) About then an Alien wandered into the venue as they started an open air screening of the film. Someone must have called for help, as an exact copy of the 'Ghostbusters' car turned up to deal with the Alien menace! It was a slightly surreal but very fun end to an weekend full of amazing sights and sounds - I just had to get a shot of me by the car!

I've not counted the pennies exactly, after the extra expense of the hotel room and travel I may not have done more than break even, but it was such a great weekend it was so worth doing. It was great to meet so many people, thank you to everyone who came up to see my glass and chat, I certainly hope I'll be able to do it again next year!

The stall set out ready! I need more coffee!

Pondering customer - too much choice!

Wow! Wigs and masks from Ghoulia's Peculiars

Julia from Ghoulua's Peculiars fits an amazing blue wig

It's not a full moon is it?

Stall organiser Steph tries out the Medusa wig!
And Compare Dave Disaster tries something in pink!

The gathering crowds and the very smartly dressed singer from Ghostfire

Look - You forgot to polish those boots!


Alien Vs Ingela from
Ooops! Alien decides this is a good time to leave!

Can I get one of these?