Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Two Steps Forward....

Sometimes it seems like it’s two steps forward and one step back. I have been struggling to get some torch time in, but it seems that when I should have time, I have other commitments or am too tired to manage it. The boro colour experiments were going quite well, however, I have discovered something dire – my kiln isn’t working properly!

It’s become such a vital piece of equipment for me. Before, I had to put them under a ceramic fibre blanket to cool and hope they wouldn’t crack. I'm in conversation with the kiln makers, so am hoping to get it resolved quickly. It’s limping along but I'm paranoid about filling it up with lovely beads only to have it suddenly stop and leave me with a kiln full of cracked ones! EKK!

However, on a much brighter note, I did manage to play with some ASK glass that I swapped on Frit Happens for a marver I couldn’t use, and I like what I got! It’s a heavy silver content glass, so it should come out with lots of metallics and colour change effects. I tried over some Lapis blue and even used my neglected lentil press! I never make lentils! They really seem to suit this style. Hope to get some photos on flickr or the website soon.

Talking of which, I have finally added an on-line shop to as I know some people don’t want to set up Folksy or Etsy accounts. It also gives me a chance to put on a few low-valued beads without having to charge more to cover loads of listing fees. Plus, I’ve come over all generous like, and to celebrate I am offering free postage! When I get back running properly I am going to start putting some new bead sets directly onto the site, so watch this space!


  1. Love the colour and shape of those lentils. The blue is so rich. Do hope your kiln is fixed very soon. You always kind of know how dependend you are on such things but it's only when they're not working properly that it hits you fully!

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  3. Thank you! They went so well I am going to try do some more of these and pop them on Etsy/Folksy or my own shop next week.

    So true!You don't how you appreciated something till it's not there! I did manage for ages without a kiln, but now I have one I can't imagine how I did! The factory have now promised me a new controller, but not told me when!!!

  4. Well, to tell you when would be helpful, wouldn't it. Hope it's with you soon!