Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Technology fail!

Excuse brief post, just to let everyone know my main PC has died, which means I am struggling with wonky laptops that make dial up look fast, and stolen minutes on PC's where I can grab them! I can still get to emails, and any orders will be dispatched as quickly as normal, but this will cause a little delay in me getting new listings on until next week. Bah! Technology!

Having said that, I will be hidding in my shed which I have been tidying up to make it useable. Also it's a little cooler in there, my efforts glasswise were an hour on a wonky marble before having a kiln running at 540deg C on one side and a torch with two oxycons in front of me (not sure how hot that gets, but it melts pyrex, evaporates silver and cuts though stainless steel no problem!) finally all that heat got to me and had to give in! I shall have to return to noctural glass making for a while!

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