Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Have a look!

I seem to spend more time trying to photograph things than sometimes they took to originally make! I have been amassing a range of earplugs as they are quite nice to make, quite a challenge to get some interesting detail in a canvas that’s even smaller than many beads. The major advantage is also I can bulk anneal them rather than having to ‘bake as I go’ as I have to do with large marbles to reduce the strain inside them. With small pyrex items they can handle going cold, but I find the larger marbles need to stay hot to reduce cracking issues. In the hot weather sitting with an inch ball of orange glowing glass is one thing, but being sat by a kiln at the same time is a little too much! Until I get my pc back up an running and the earplugs annealed it might be another week before I have new things to show though.

In the meantime, with no new photo’s of my own, I thought I’d share a couple of talented photographers with you for your viewing pleasure! Firstly, from the US I’d like to recommend photographer, and Steampunk enthusiast (putting punk back into it rather than gluing some old cogs on things!) Libby Bulloff whose Etsy shop is well worth viewing here or her blog over at which has loads more photo’s to oogle! Based in Seattle her photographs cover a diverse range, from wonderful fantasy subjects of Steampunk heroines pointing ray guns towards dark brooding skies, belly dancers, food ‘porn,’ to people with amazing hair! Well worth a look, she has a range of photos on offer as well as photo’s made into fridge magnets. After a few days of reflasking (which means being covered in Detol and bleach) I decided I should reward myself with some of her art – keeping fingers crossed the post office don’t decide to fold them (ek!)

From the UK if you fancy your photography a little more serene then check out Travelling the country in her role as archaeological photographer allows Tracey to find some wonderful images. From sweeping scenery to very atmospheric still life ‘found’ object, most taken in lush black and white to show maximum detail. If you are a colour fiend with a sense of humour than you’ll also love some of her little monster still life’s where pentop monsters spill ink everywhere, fight from going down plug holes between eating polo mints! Great fun!

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  1. Hiya,
    Thanks for the website plug! I'm working on a series of standing stone shots at the moment so keep an eye on the site for loads of black and white shots. Loving your marbles, stunning stuff!