Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Building a Glass Carousel in front of the Telly

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, thanks to the dreaded credit crunch I seem to be doing more ‘dayjob’ work, more hours and less money! Grrr! Along with the dose of railway strikes I’ve had hardly anytime or energy to get onto forums or keep up to date with blogging etc, so apologies to all!

I’ve also spent way too much time playing around with new ideas and techniques, sadly most of them not going anywhere. I took a whole day to try and use soft glass, wow! I am so out of practise now. Although I didn’t really make anything worthwhile it did at least confirm to me that the place I am at the moment ‘in my head’ is making marbles and hard glass work such as implosion pendants, bead, etc. I have more ideas than time in the day at the moment for these, so soft glass and ‘normal’ beads are going to have to take a back seat for a little longer.

One thing I did manage to do this weekend, whilst slumped in front of Sunday all day re-runs of ‘Deep Space Nine’ was make a little glass carousel that I’ve been promising myself. Basically it’s two old wooden cable drums, one larger one was broken down into the discs and an old VCR motor glued between them to make a ‘lazy susan.’ I could have bought one, but this was free! Plus it re-uses old rubbish! I glued onto the second smalled drum on Friday night ready for the Sunday make!

The hidden base, two old cable drums and a nice motor from an old VCR as the bearing

The finished article loaded with glass ready to melt!

What took quite some time was making the template for the metal troughs that were to hang from the sides; I cut up some scrap card I had to try to get the shapes first, took a couple of tries and still didn’t quite get them right, but it was near enough. I had some very old printers metal sheet that I rescued from a clearout of an old print shop, excellent for the job too! So I marked and cut this out to the background of various Cardassian plots, took to the shed for a quick five minute hammer and fix, and job done!

In the eight sections I’ve put six inch rods I had from a Northstar sample pack – I use them as an artists colour palette so it’s really useful to have these at hand, some I only need a tiny dash of colour so they can go a long way, other workhorse colours I buy in packs of full rods instead. Even with over 100 6inch Northstar rods there was some spare space for other odd rods I have, and on the top goes some of my frit jars. Frit, for those that don’t know, if crushed glass chips graded by size. It used to be made by throwing hot glass into water where it crackled and fizzed, sounding like it was frying – thus frit which means fry in Italian apparently!

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