Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Hello to a more interesting year!

(Photo Credits:NASA)

Sorry it’s been a while between blogs, but now I have battled though the crazy time of the year to the other side. Typically my ‘to do’ list got sidelined slightly; painting the workshop, making some hearts well in advance for valentines day, and finally finishing a mad walking stick I promised myself months ago. Instead I learnt a rather fabulous new way of adding colour and shapes into flower marbles, and started making a new frockcoat for an evening out in March! Yes, three months away but I sow slowly plus I use an antique singer machine as I find electric ones are too fast for me. The dependable 1922 machine hardly ever jams and even though the treadle is a bit low (not being a short Edwardian Lady!) it’s so much more controllable for a ham fisted amateur sower like me, plus is quiet enough to be able to hear too!

So, imagine my amazement when in the New Year I hear non-crafty people proclaiming ‘I’m glad I’m back to work, got so bored sitting at home after a while.’ I can barely contain my annoyance when I hear such things! Other Crafter folk have said to me that they have had chance to catch up on projects too – none have complained about boredom!

I don’t normally go in for New Years resolution, but this year I really want to do more ‘interesting stuff;’ last year was an incredibly grim year for me, and if nothing else was a reminder that time really does speed by all too quickly if we let it. This year I want to strive toward a positive year, be interesting and interested in the world, improve my glass art, make some other projects I never get around to, plus venture out into the big world more too!

Finding time still remains a big problem, but I am certainly going to do my best to find as much of it as I can! However I’ve been so busy with projects the past few weeks I’ve not had a chance to photograph some of the new glass I’ve been working on, so in the meantime to kick off the new year as I mean to go on here is an interesting photograph from NASA’s archives (thank you NASA!). I’ve no idea what’s going on here, but it looks far from boring!


  1. Your work is definitely not boring. Love the NASA piccie looks very insane!! Marbles sound very interesting and you sew too!! No I'm totally amazed!!! Will you talents ever end!! Hee hee! Hope you have a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

  2. I know how you feel - I love Christmas break it's my busy creating time. Love the NASA picture
    nic xx

  3. I wouldn't be too amazed, the quality of my sowing still leaves something to be desired! Instead of smart well fitted my last effort looked like I had a hunchback!
    I've been itching to find an excuse to use this picture! It's so me! ;-)