Monday, 22 March 2010

Wake up, it’s Friday! Oh no! It’s Monday!

I’ve always struggled with sleeping, mostly I’m quite a light sleeper, but there are times I have some insomnia. A few months ago I started taking some ‘safe’ herbal pills, which really seemed to help. However in the past few weeks they have started building up in my system, leaving me lethargic and dull headed, but it’s been so gradual I’d not really noticed, or just wasn’t bothered!

Then last week I was working on a glass sculpture when an hour and half of work shattered on the final assembly thanks to my tongs slipping. Now I’ve learnt to be quite ‘Zen’ about glass, going with the flow, try to accept when things don’t work and start again, and viewing mistakes as steps to learn what I need to make the next and future ones better. However I wasn’t bothered – which I realised was wrong in itself. Reading up on the ‘safe’ valerian I realised my rather stupid mistake, that it should be for occasional use and I’d slipped into the bad habit of taking it every night!

Well a few days for it to clear out of my system and I realise how little I’ve managed to achieve in the past month, which is quite frustrating, but on the good side various odd things including my mysterious limp vanished. A close call! I’ve been taking good use of the extra energy and tore down to the local propane man for a new canister and was back in record time. I spend one day on experimental stuff, not all successful, and then the next day dived into some of the new glass to make some floral pendants; I’m loving one of the new colours, some great green-blues that remind me of Monet’s water-lily lake paintings with metallic hints!

Now however the insomnia has returned! I’ve tried cutting down on coffee and tea to help, but Mondays are the worse, especially after such a great day before at the torch!
Maybe I’ll have a ‘coffee Monday’ where I allow myself the injection of scary strong coffee! I stumbled across this on the net, which is a wonderful mad scientist way of making coffee. Not tried it yet, I am sure I saw a tabletop version that uses the same principle once, and I am lacking some of the flasks to make this.

Thanks also to the Graphics Fairy for the vintage image, well worth a look at this site for some great project source material for crafting!

And as for valerian; just say no!


  1. Oh dear, I hope you feel better soon. I love the graphics fairy too :)

  2. Thank you, it was a daft thing to be keep taking it like that, but I have alot more energy now so hopefully I can get more stuff done now!

  3. Ooh, lordy yes...valerian's a 3-day max job, from everything I've read, it's not very good for your liver apparently. Glad you spotted it! Take care :D