Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Computer Meltdown

To keep the wolf from the door I've been working on some hugely boring spreadsheets and Access documents. I start the morning with good intentions but by about 12 o'clock (ok, 10 o'clock if I'm really honest!) I'm bored witless and falling asleep at my PC. However it has meant an end to commuting; on one particularly tough day when I was struggling to get motivated I got a call from the office, where they mentioned the air conditioner was broken (again) and it was +30 degrees before 10 in the morning! Suddenly waltzing to the bottom of my stairs to start work seemed to be put back into perspective.

However the one thing that has been struggling with this new regime is my old PC. It's been grinding and making some worrying noises of late, it was only a few months ago that I had to replace the power supply. That was a wake-up call and after that I did a big back-up of information.

Then yesterday I flicked on the pc, went to make a coffee whilst it booted up, and came back to see a new error message, 'Windows was unable to open normally,' blah, blah, various options were given - why don't they give an option 'I don't care, stop ******* around and just ****** get on and start up!' I am sure EVERYONE would hit that one!

After an hour going from calm attempting all options to bad tempered ranting (I wonder if Bill Gates ears are always burning?) I conceded that it's time was finally up after 8 years of troublesome service. When it had started looking dodgy I considered getting a new hard drive (I think this is was has been corrupted) but it's getting so flaky I figured it was going to have to be a new PC.......... groan. So much for me saving for a new torch.

Well the new PC arrived early today, and I've spent most of the day loading up software, which takes an age! However it's rather nice to have a PC I can't hear! I now realise how clunky the old one was, but I am struggling to get used to Windows 7 after XP - yep, it was that old! I'm just glad the old one lasted long enough for me to miss out Vista!

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