Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Like playing the piano

Doubtless you may have wondered where I have vanished to lately? Hibernating for winter, abducted by pirates? Sadly it’s more a ‘Lost in January’ than ‘Lost in Space!’

Apart from just trying to get through the day-to-day, I’ve been working on some larger longer term ‘stuff,’ hopefully more about that soon. I was surprised how whacked out I was by the Christmas flu, and the odd side effect caused by not being at the torch for a longer period. I’d forgotten how to make nice things!

At least that’s how it felt as getting back to it I seemed to only produced only wonky pendants and shaver handles in various shades of puce and congealed algae green! It took me back to my hot head days (a starter torch for soft glass), and remember that when I spent an hour a night on it I could see my work improving, but a huge intense day session might just produce poor work and frustration.

I guess it’s like learning to play the piano. Not that I’ve ever learnt to play the piano, but I think the analogy is right! It took a few days before it all started to click again, and then all the subtler bits started coming back. Also I noted how much slower I was working, which speeded up a little the more I worked. The next day was much more productive, with more and more looking ‘as they should’ with more details and colours in the pendants and marbles I was making (choosing them as they are were more second nature to me). I even managed to have ago at a couple of jellyfish brush handles, I feel very guilty as I know a few people have asked about these and it’s taking ages to get them right. I am nearly there, and hopefully within the next few weeks I’ll be back up to where I was before xmas again!


  1. Oh know the feeling about letting things go fallow. The trick is not giving up completely! Hope the skills come back swiftly :)

  2. Beautiful workmanship!! I looked at your shop on Etsy, but couldn't see the two items on this page, which look as though they might be door handles...? If you do make door handles, I'd be interested to see some examples please!

  3. Thank you! They are both bottle stoppers, which sold from my Etsy shop a while ago, but I hope to add some more again soon. I could make them into small door knobs, they are normally between 25-30mm, if you'd like some please let me know :-)