Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Boiling pink, and getting ready for the weekend

Since the sudden removal of the day-job, it seems there are less hours in the day than I previously believed! Gone are those hours of staring at spreadsheets that turned five minutes into an hour, and replaced by... oh, staring at spreadsheets working out if I can afford to do this! This time though what feels like five minutes is usually an hour!

I think almost everyone who I've spoken to have been amazing positive and think that I am doing the right thing. Certainly looking at the alternatives (a 'proper job') seems both a step backwards, and the options and positions open are very limited. That's not to say I do keep getting that little voice in the back of my head wondering if I am doing the right thing. This weekend though, fingers crossed, I shall be in London with a new stand and new pendants! I am more than a little nervous!

I've been ploughing into making new pendants ready, and having more time at the torch has had some unexpected bonuses. Along with exploring new shapes and styles I've dusted off some 'troublesome' colours that haven't worked in the past. One of these, Solara, was supposed to be tones of yellows and purples, but just bubbled horrendously, and either stayed clear or went and unappealing 'ear-wax' colour! However with more firepower I've started getting some rich amber tones, and although there are some bubbles left trapped inside they actually add a more organic feel to the pieces. Here are a quick couple of shots in different lights, this is one where the purples seem to come out in certain lights which doesn't really get picked up well by my camera, along with the patterns I've added to them.

One other is a wisteria colour, which also was like handling boiling jam. I've managed to get this to stay smooth, and now rather like it, which is great as pink is closely related to this colour. I had a try again with pink, but I still have trouble with it, but I think I am getting there! I've also managed to get some shaving brushes made and listed on Folksy too!

At present I am hoping to have a stall in Spittlefields market on Friday, between 10am-4pm - although I don't have a guaranteed place, so won't know if there is room until I get there, so I am keeping my fingers crossed! Saturday and Sunday I will be in Camden market, in the crafts and handmade area just over the bridge. The weather is supposed to warm up this weekend, so lets hope it stays dry as well, maybe I'll see some of you there!

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  1. If we get into London over the weekend will certainly come and say hello, and I hope you have a fantastic time at both markets :))

    Good luck, (not that you need it !)