Saturday, 12 March 2011

Selling Happy

This Saturday I dragged my increasingly battered case up to Highgate for a new-ish fair in North London. As I'd booked last minute was put outside, which turned out to be great as the sun came out, and the tables were bigger! It was in a pub, and setting up on one of those beer-garden tables with seats was a bit odd, but I seemed to make a fairly good job of it (unlike the photo I took which didn't save!)

To be honest, it wasn't really as busy as I'd expected, however I did ok, and really quite enjoyed it after a slow start. I've met and seen a lot of different stall and stall holders lately, and I am really surprised the amount of different ways they approach selling. Personally, I just turn up and waffle to anyone how wants to listen about glass!

I've certainly seen a few people struggling too, and I've been there too. However tonight on my way home I compared it to my 'old life' where I was selling electrical engineering stuff that people had to buy, and how little joy there was in that. People were buying it to fix problems, but now I feel like I am selling people a little bit of happy.

Today there was a lovely lady who really liked the pendants but was torn between two, until her husband offered to buy both, which made her really happy! The funny thing is I've done the same thing, because treating my other half makes her happy, which makes me feel happy. Does that make sense? I am not making something that people have to have - like cornflakes, or soap - but something they like which is going to make them feel good when they wear it, or something they are going to give as a gift which they hope is going to make the recipient smile too.

So when I am struggling with a broken wheeled trolley, ends are quite meeting, or I'm standing on a packed commuter train after standing all day behind a stall, I can at least try to remember why I am now doing this, because when I think of it in this way how can I not think how lucky I am to have such a great job!

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  1. This sounds a lot more positive than last week. Glad it went well.