Monday, 25 April 2011

Making the mundane interesting

I've been trying out a few new designs this week, and if you subscribe to my facebook page you may have already seen pictures of some new work from me. Along with some more razors I've also been expanding on non-jewellery glassware too. I've produced some calligraphy dip pens!

Unlike other glass versions these are made with borosilicate glass, and have a classic holder inside so can take any italic nibs! At the moment the metal holders are visible on all but one of them, but I also hope to make some where it is a little more hidden too.

I am trying to make a little more time for making new 'stuff' along with all the usual favourite I already make as I would really like to expand the range of glassiness that I have on offer. I like making pendants, but I like making functional objects even more, especially if I can take normal boring items and raise them up to be more 'interesting' such as the razors I already make.

I am quite surprised and intrigued by the comments I hear when on the stall to the razors. Often men comment 'they're a bit posh for shaving!' but I think everyone should be able to start the day with special and individual things to remind them that they are too! My favourite is when I often seen young girls, usually 7-12 years old, who point very excitedly at the razors to their Dads, suggesting they should get one - and the fathers ALWAYS have full beards! I think they are trying to tell them something!

I hope to get some more razors made soon, and so start listing them again on line, up until now I've only been able to make just enough for the stall, but I've managed to get a small stash of the heads so will hopefully have enough to be able to list them too. I am also hot from the torch (quite literally!) where I've been working on another new non-jewellery item, and is looking good. This came entirely from a chat with a customer at the stall, and has already started to morph into an unique design whilst playing with shapes! More on that to come!

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