Thursday, 2 June 2011

Busy Days, and get ready for news!

Excuse the late posting, its been some busy weeks, made more so by so much happening last weekend. Firstly, I finally got the long awaited storage! Yay!

Also on Friday Greenwich market had live demonstrations of blacksmithing, and woodturning, as well as mock-ups of rooms filled with items available from the market as part of their of push. It was then I found out that I've been in the press! One of my galaxy stoppers was featured in a two page spread about the market in 'The Wharf.' It's a free paper that's distributed around canary wharf. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get my own copy, but have been promised a photocopy at least.

Here are a quick couple of photos from the friday before last, with Tom Biddulph demonstrating wood turning, give one of the stall holder Menzie a quick lesson in woodturning!
I will have some exciting news coming up this week, keep tuned to my facebook page and twitter on Wednesday; I won't say anymore in case it doesn't happen but I am bracing myself for some more exciting news too!
I am also planning to have a 'Virtual open-day' very soon, although I've been having problems getting webcams and old laptops to work! I've nearly got the tech to work, so hopefully I'll be broadcasting live webcam from the workshop, I'll have to remember not to swear if I burn myself picking up a rod thats still hot!

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