Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Is it over yet?

Glass Aliens on the Stall at Greenwich
Well, that was another very long week! I am pleased to report that the barriers in Church Street in Greenwich were certainly missing when I returned on Saturday, although the portico end still has a massive wall in place which I think can't be removed as it stops what little traffic dares enter Greenwich from driving into people! However Saturday wasn't such a great day for me, but Sunday was fantastic - and completely opposite what alot of the other traders experienced! It can be a very freaky market like that.

Along with lots of people in maroon Olympic uniforms wandering around I've spotted the athlete support teams as well buying presents to take home, and they seem to come in waves of nationalities; last Monday it was lots of the Korean team, followed by USA, this Sunday it was lots of Canadians including one lady whom had 'Athlete' on her Olympic I.D. card although I failed to ask what event she was in. I was back on Monday too, and had the very proud parents of USA Javelin thrower Kara Patterson who came to buy gifts, and explained how they get no funding, just whatever sponsorship they can find and she'd be training for 12 years to get there! (You can find out more here Kara Patterson) It didn't look like she's dones so well this time, unlike the UK Equestrian team, and there were some very jolly and contented people who'd been watching the event coming through late in the evening.

 Because of last weeks 'upsets' I've been doing some extra days, as I'd made extra glass in case it was busy. Shifting the opening hours to 12-8pm hasn't quite worked as alot of people haven't realise and are turning up between 10 and 12 to shop, so like alot of other traders I've been turning up early. It is making for some very long, long days though. I am itching to get back to doing some more glass aliens, as I want to make some for the MCM Expo in October, but I'm really starting to flag at the extra days and hours now. I'm back on Thursday for the last Equestrian day, and maybe on Saturday too, (I haven't decided about Friday yet) but I suspect I might take a rare Sunday off, as the pace is starting to get to me. My feet at least would be grateful if I do!

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