Thursday, 6 May 2010

A word From Our Sponsors

No, don’t panic, it’s not an advert! I mean YOU, the people who are lovely enough to buy some of my glass, as without you I’d be surrounded by unwanted glass things and not be able to afford to buy new glass to melt! So a big thank you from me!

I always forget that what I make goes away to have it’s ‘real’ life. For me it ends when it goes in the post box and I (hopefully) get feedback saying it survived the post and is what people expected. It doesn’t mater how many times I send something out, I always worry it’s not going to meet people expectations when they see it in real life!

Now and then I get pictures back when they’ve been added to projects, such as these lovely beaded necklaces from Christie Hemsworth where she’s added some of my hand formed leafs to her own creations. I am quite in awe of her work, I really don’t have the patience for seed beads, I can’t thread one and the idea of trying to put this many together brings me out in a cold sweat! What’s great about these is how she’s blended the leaves into the design to compliment the colours. Many thanks to Chris for sharing the pictures and her joyful creations, you can check out her Folksy shop here;

One wonderful surprise I had this weekend was a sneak preview of a silver bracelet that uses some micro marbles that I made for it. This is different beast altogether, and the final piece looks more impressive that what I envisioned when it was described to me – I can’t wait to see it finished now! What both things have in common for me is how they have been used in ways I would never have thought, so much so I had to double take to recognise them as things I made. It’s very rewarding to see these things ‘all grown up’ and off living a new exciting life I’d never have expected.

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