Thursday, 29 April 2010

The attack of the TRIFFIDS!!!!!!!

Triffids? I hear you ask, yes, Triffids. Mad?! I hear you ask or exclaim, yes, I probably am!

I am really not quite sure where these little critters came from, I’ve been thinking a lot about some rather serious minded sculptures, and I think my mind rebelled against too much serious thought. They are such fun to make though, and with each one I made I had several ideas for different versions!

Two have already escaped though! I didn’t even manage to get photos before one black-legged Triffid and a rather nasty one-eyed Amazonian running Triffid vanished! Lucky the black-legged Triffid was re-captured one the Isle-of-Wight and is being held in a secure location there. He moved a lot quicker than I expected, and is unusual in that he has one black leg, and the rest are green.

The One-eyed Amazonian Triffid is more of a worry though; this is one of the fastest Triffids, recording speeds up to 15 miles an hour. We suspect it can go faster, but the chap with the stop watch didn’t realise how fast it was and stood a little too close…. Triffid growing is not without risks! This one is still at large, last spotted trying to board a flight to Canada, we suspect it's trying to get back to the Amazonian jungle!

I hope you enjoy these little slices of glass botanical madness! Three of them are now in my Etsy shop where you can see more pictures of three different species and learn more about Triffid botany!


  1. Love your triffids too - but I think you should stop inhaling the glass fumes!

  2. Lol! It would explain alot! I might spend this weekend making sure my extractors working properly as I am sure I see them walking around out of the corner of my eye! ;)

  3. 回應是我能為您做的最大的支持 ........................................