Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Real-life SteamPunk For Dangerous Ladies

I can't think of anything more Steampunk than these! They are beautifully made antiques, with plush boxes, and one even has decorative motifs cut into the side. They are wearable, and gadgets with a real use even though not a very nice one!
I am not sure who would want to wear a revolver as a ring, but seeing the recent fashion for Steampunk's wearing all manor of pistols and ray-guns I am sure this will inspire someone to create a non-lethal version! Many thanks to Alain of for his kind permission for sharing his pictures of these wonderful antique with you.

Yes, they are real revolvers! The first one was made in London in 1870, and the box says it all! Mind you, can you see many blokes loading those fiddly but -oh-so-cute!!!! little bullets?! I am not sure if the recoil would do more damage to the wearer rather than the victim, but then would you cross anyone who wore a loaded gun on her finger? They do say the female is more deadlier than the male, and here we have proof of that! This first one even has seven shots rather than six!!!

Alain has pictures of two others, one is called 'Le Petit Protector,' and another more decorative one is unnamed. He has loads more curios on his site too if you want more crazy Victorian gun inspiration - even a miniature canon that fires at midday by being triggered from a lens on a sundial!!


  1. Wow, they're beautiful! Stunning craftsmanship. Like you say though, probably cause the wearer more harm...

  2. Wow how fab are they !!! I love the decorative one, very pretty ! Thanks for sharing Glenn

  3. Wow, that is awesome! Somehow a scene from the Wild Wild West comes to mind with a bit of Artimis Gordon and the ladies of the time period.