Wednesday, 8 December 2010

When is Purple, or Blue, Pink?

It seems that pink is a colour I continue to have problems with! Not just with pink glass, but boxes too!

I spent a lot of time trying to find just the right boxes to fit the marble bottle stoppers I make. Most I came across just didn't suit the long profile, and those that were long enough were too shallow. I was about to take a deep breath and have some made to measure (which could have been expensive) when I found the ones I now use. At the same time I also got new boxes for my pendants as well. Although more expensive, they were much better quality, had nice pristine white cushioning, and much more sturdy - very important when posting stuff out!

Of course things don't always go to plan! I had originally chosen purple for the samples, but they had no stock, so went for classic black. When I went to order lots more in time for the Dark Mills Festival I found they were out of stock until after the festival was over! Ekk! However they now had purple back in stock, so went for that, even though it meant I'd have a few non-matching boxes.

The first box I opened was great, a light but nice shade of purple, but all the rest were so light they were (in my opinion) pink, or lilac at the very least! I couldn't really wait another four weeks for replacement black, so have stuck with them. I've nearly used them all, so now I've gone back to black, at least that way there is more chance of them being the right colour in future!

Pink is a colour I have real problems with when working it, all the brands bar one seem to bubble and cause problems. I have come across one make which is lovely - and really expensive and hard to get! However I was delighted last night when I coated the back of a pendant in wisteria blue, only for if to come out a really nice shade of pink! Boro - it's weird stuff sometimes!

Pictured here is a new pendant I made last week for a commission, I really must work with more Gilson opals!

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