Monday, 16 May 2011

Craftpimp & the Wonderfull metalwork of Anna McDade

I've recently joined craftpimp , which is a new forum devoted to craftspeople, and is a very freindly place too! As part of that a new Etsy team has sprung up, however it's a select affair! Only three of any discipline are allowed in at any time, and numbers will be limited to around 50 people in total. I've been very fortunate in being one of the few hardglass lampworkers who've been accepted onto the team!

One thing I really like about it is the diversity of top quality skills, and I hope to go around the whole team to share some of the delights with you (if you can't wait, put in the 'cpteam' tag in Etsy's search to see what's on offer!) However one that I couldn't wait to share is the amazing metalwork of Anna McDade.

Along with illustrations Anna produces some really drool worthy metal jewellery using silver, bronze, brass, gold and copper in ways that knocks socks off anything I've seen for a very long time. Some pieces just scream 'add me to a Steampunk/Victorian/Cyberpunk outfit NOW' like her copper and silver collar. If it was plain it would be wonderful, but she also etches the copper with her own designs too. If that wasn't enough she even gives a choice of images that she puts on the designs.

If plain colour isn't your thing then check out the copper bracelets and cuffs (I certianly have!) which by giving heat treatments she has added some wonderful patina. I know alot of people wear copper bracelets to help with reumatism, but these are so much more stylish than the bangles my local chemists and new age shop sells. (Picture at top of the blog! The one bellow is floating cityscape )

Now I could rave on for ages, but I think it's best you go and have a look for yourself, especially as if you buy some of her bracelets and rings it'll remove temptation from me hitting the 'buy' buttons! It's certainly a treat for the eyes to see such quality and unquiqueness.


  1. What a great review Glenn and lovely eyecandy too x

  2. I'll second that!!...a reeeally lovely review and some stunning meatalwork!..;o)

  3. These are amazing. I'm off to have a look. I love the colours in the cityscape.

  4. This is a fabulous article Glenn, thanks so much for the the lovely write-up, I feel honoured to be considered so highly by someone with your wonderful talent! Cheers! - Anna:)