Thursday, 26 July 2012

The man from the Olympics says 'Yes'

On the front door mat this morning came a letter and license from the ODA (Olympic Delivery Authority) which allows me to trade in Church Street in Greenwich. Normally I'd be in the main market, but to raise the profile of the market they want a few traders to be in this road which is being closed off to traffic, as a sort of sample of what's on offer to all the people walking from Greenwich Train station going to the Equestrian events.

I still don't know how this is going to work, or even which days I'll be there, but could be interesting! The market is having a slightly different layout during the Olympics to allow more people access, which might also mean less stalls. I'll certainly be doing some odd days, maybe not even weekends, although I do plan to be at the market on Saturday 28th July, as well as Sunday, and an extra Monday too on the 30th! The hours are going to be long too, starting at 12 miday (although I hope to be there a couple of hours before if I can) till 8pm. I'm still a little worried as I don't know if anyone going to the Olympics will be in the mood to shop, but fingers crossed! At least I have a license and won't be hauled away for selling glass!

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