Friday, 20 July 2012

Where was I?

I've been doing the odd extra Friday at Greenwich market, partly because of the upcoming Olympics and not knowing how busy that will be, and also to see if it's possible to drop Sundays and do Fridays instead. It's a much more laid back atmosphere, so I've been able to get away to chat to other stall holders and, most importantly, have a chance to get some yummy Chicken Katsu Curry from the Teriyaki stall, rather than wilted sandwiches!

This extra day, and trying to make extra stuff in advance of everything coming up in the next few months has sadly meant lots of projects have had to take a back seat. I've seen quite a few things of late that have me mulling over new ideas, but first I need to stop saying 'yes' to commissions. They start off simply then just go off the rails! I feel really guilty when they don't work out, at least if I stick to my own mad musing when they don't go as I plan then I don't feel I'm letting someone down. Right now I have a head full of half formulated ideas, drawers full of half finished bits, and no idea when I can tackle them. This also includes a collaboration with another artists which I haven't had chance to work on, which reminds me - if anyone has any old 1950-1970's chunky ex GPO telephone relays I'd love to hear from you. I used to have a boxful, and remember every electronics surplus place I went into had piles of them gathering dust in a corner, but I guess they're all melted down for scrap metal now.

Throw into this a general uncertainess about how the Olympics is really going to effect me, it's either going to have Greenwich packed with shopping Olympics tourists, or avoided like a plague house as it's right on the doorstep of the Equestrian events. I am still waiting to even find out what days I'm going to be there, which I hope to know within the next few days. Oh, and the markets open from noon till 8pm, so lucky my body clock gave up being in sync years ago!

One of the few things I've been able to do is to pop a few of the new little bottles necklaces into my Etsy shop. I was planning to list more, but someone seems to stole some hours in the day again....

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