Monday, 2 March 2009

Drop Therapy and Goldfish Cat

flower pendant2
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Many thanks for all the kind words and thoughts from everyone recently, I’ve been very touched, and hope to resume ‘normal’ service in the next few weeks.

I’ve taken some time out in the studio this weekend to escape my recent tempestuous times and recharge my batteries with a little play with borosilicate glass. It’s been more relaxing to use as I don’t need to put the kiln on as I can batch anneal later, it doesn’t shock as badly, plus it’s slower to melt so forces me to take more time. I have obsessively been making flower drop implosion beads, they can take about 25mins or so each to do and becomes quite hypnotic as I slowly turn the glass waiting for the glass to drop and ‘grow’ the flower. Some turn out great, a few not so good, I encapsulated some amber glass hoping to copy my soft glass ‘ghost’ flower technique only to misjudge it and end up with a misty Technicolor swirl of milky whites and purples! It looks like something from a 50’s B movie instead. They will have to wait another couple of weeks for photos so I can anneal them properly first (sometimes the colours change when that’s done) and then I will post loads of photos onto my site and Flickr. The picture he is an old one, I’ve got SOOOOO many nice new ones to show you soon, the practise, practise, practise mantra is really starting to come good as they are getting better each time now.

It’s also been surprisingly busy on Folksy, it’s nice to see that a UK site is starting to rival some of the competition, I will definitely be putting much more on there in the next few weeks, I suspect there might well be a lot of flower drops!

One thing has made me feel guilty this weekend. Our neighbours have been real stars for looking in and feeding the cats at short notice, but yesterday we found the remains of one of their goldfish on our path. When we spoke to them yesterday found it is one of our little monsters as he’s been regularly caught going fishing! I owe them some fish now!

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