Friday, 13 March 2009

New Drops at last!

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Wow, it’s been such a push to get everything done, past few weeks being ‘out of action’ and now I have a hundred jobs to do. One of the main tasks is listing more stuff in Folksy at but it seems to take ages to get the photos done.

Getting much happier with the boro flower drops now, having such fun doing these, although they do take a bit of time. I timed doing a simple one and it was about 25mins from start to finish, if I invest in a new torch and Oxycon if might be quicker but more risk of bubbles and inclusions. I don’t mind the wait, it’s like a little trance sometimes as I twirl away, although I am finding the back of my hands start to really feel the heat. Normal gloves won’t help as it’s only the back of the hand holding the rod, but Archery gloves have been suggested, might have to investigate further!

I’ve put three drops on Folksy already, plus lots more pictures of them on my Flickr page, I am hoping to do lots more this weekend, including more with some very special glass leaves that are starting to look amazing!

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