Monday, 16 March 2009

Spring Flowers

Sometimes I spend so long thinking and working with a technique that leads to a new bead or piece of jewellery that I forget the results will go off to have a life of their own. So it was a real pleasure to get some photos from Christie at who bought one of my flower drops pendant beads a while back, and made this lovely necklace with it. She has managed to match the colours inside the bead really well, (although I don’t know how she has the patience to deal with stringing all those little tiny beads – that would drive me nuts!) I was just thinking of giving them a rest and trying something different, so it was great to see and spurred me on to do some more, a few of which are now in my Folksy store; The way I like to work these is quite organic, so the flowers and overall shape are never the same, making each a true original design.

Whilst I was making more of these I also ‘risked’ a couple to try a new technique, which I will showcase in the next few days when I can get some pictures taken. It’s mostly gone well, although one of the best ones cracked in the kiln (isn’t that always the way!) I think I went a bit OTT with a couple of them suddenly becoming fun sea-shell shapes as I worked them - well I was by the seaside last week, so hardly surprising!

I will be listing more soon at Folksy, I am not going to list in ETSY for a while now, as I have been rather disappointed in it of late, and I can’t devote enough time to two shops as well as the website and everything else that keeps me away from the torch.

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