Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Random Notes of Tea Breaks

Despite deciding not to list so much on Etsy, that’s exactly what I’ve gone and done! Within the space of a few days I’ve pretty much doubled the amount of listings there, plus tweaked the prices on a few where exchange rates have changed, or old things I’m fed up of looking at!

I’ve also listed some of the new pendants I’ve been making, which I am really rather pleased how they are now coming out. I’ve cut down the failure rate, but I am taking a lot more time over them now. Originally I planned to add chains or nice leather cord with silver findings but they took ages to turn up, so I’ve listed them now as an ‘optional extra’ as I know some people just want the pendants to add to their own necklaces. Somewhere I’ve got a stiff silver choker, I am sure one would look great on that, but the grand tidy-up scheme seems to be taking a lot longer than planned! I was going to do blitz listings of old bits and bobs, but it seems to take ages to get everything photographed, and I so easily get distracted by ideas to try. I found a white marble when sorting through that I saved as it gave me a brilliant idea – I just need to remember what it was!
You can find my Etsy shop at

In aid of my memory I’ve got back into the habit of carrying a little notebook and a nice pen to scribble away in. I seem to be filling it up nicely. I normally jot notes on backs of envelopes, but my other half got me a selection of little books which are really nice to use as well as keep all these ideas together. I am not sure how useful any of it is, but it’s a nice way to turn ideas over in my mind with a cup of tea and a slice of cake! I seem to have developed a rather odd habit lately of really fancying cake when I’m having a session on the torch. I’ve given in and started buying a Victoria jam sponge especially for those long weekend sessions! Not doing my waistline much good, but with a cup of Lady Grey it makes very civilized tea breaks! Here’s a page out of my mad tea ramblings, I’ve picked one of the clearer and less messy pages!


  1. Gorgeous. It's such a pleasure to see what you keep coming up with and you sound so happy and confident :D

    I don't think the cake is a problem - you're doing hot work there that burns a lot of energy, right? Gotta regain that somehow ;)

  2. Thank you, well they do say ignorance is bliss, so that'll explain the happy me! ;) Either that or it's a sugar high from all the cake!!! :)

  3. That pendant is so pretty! Are you avoiding etsy at the moment because of all the hulabaloo going on or just generally?
    I think cake is a suitable companion for a creative session :) sounds yum!

  4. It was more because I wasn't getting much interest, and since everything is only in $ it's not ideal for all my UK customers, but I do like that it's quite professional and I can show up to 5 photo's. I feel like it's about time I make more out of my etsy shop.

    I have signed up to zibbet, but I haven't got around to listing there yet! I have enough trouble concentrating on Etsy and Folksy!

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