Monday, 21 June 2010

Craft Fair at West Bergholt

On Saturday I packed up as much as I could carry and headed out to the nearby village of West Bergholt where the local primary school was having a mini craft fair as part of their fun day.

I don’t normally do fairs, but everyone from teachers and volunteers, other stall holders, and the customers were so friendly and nice it made it a really lovely day out – despite the weather! We were setting up under some open sided tents, looking up at the forbidding sky that kept sending lashing rain and strong gusts every twenty minutes or so, and then bright sunshine! The wind was the worst, nearly having a disaster as my chair flew into the table! Luckily the lovely folks at next to me spotted some unused windbreaks and we quickly put them into action! (Do check out her Etsy shop for some wonderful and very unique Steampunk cards!)

Then about three minutes to two the clouds broke and sunlight greeted us in time for the gates being opened. It was very busy, and so many people said such lovely things about my glass! I can see why people get addicted to doing craft fairs, it can be such an ego boost! I did manage to get flustered once while trying to add a necklace to a pendant, tiny crimps in a field wasn’t really such a great idea, thank you to that Lady for being so patient!

The sweetest event was shortly after opening when a little girl walked straight up to my table, and hastily announced ‘I want to buy something for my Mum!’ ‘Err, ok, what would you like?’ I asked at which she pointed to a flower pendant, which I boxed and gave here, she thrust some crumpled notes into my hand and ran off with the pendant! Aw, bless!

Sadly after three quarters of an hour the rains returned, and went between bright sunshine to lashing rain every twenty minutes or so. It did at least give me chance to gossip about glass with Apryl of Bluedaisyglass www.folksy/shops/bluedaisyglass who makes and teaches fusing, and was even kind enough to direct other glass addicts to my stall!

However as it neared five o’clock and the wind finally managed to use our tent as a sail we all surrendered to the weather and headed home. And the one thing I did forget was to take a camera and pictures! Hopefully the event will be on next year, and I will be trying to do a few more of these in the coming months too, so stay tunned!

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