Monday, 14 June 2010

Folksy Milestone Giveaway!

I was going to do a celebration giveaway on Folksy when I hit a milestone of either 100 people favouriting my shop or 50 sale, however I managed to pass both milestones when I wasn’t looking!

However I realised I’ve not quite got to 50 sales on Folksy, so can do the celebration giveaway after all! Some of the sales were for two or three items, but Folksy logs each thing sold as a separate sale, so I’m 3 away from the magic milestone of 50!

So, I’m going to do TWO raffles! One for a small pendant for everyone who has been so kind to add me to their favourite shops, and a second larger one for everyone who has bought something from my Folksy shop, one entry per item they have bought! That way anyone who has been lovely enough to return to buy more from me is in with extra chance to win!

I will probably be giving away two of the lovely new nebula pendants I’ve been working on lately, although I haven’t chosen exactly which ones yet, so maybe I’ll give the winners a choice of colour preference as well – I’d hate it if someone loved green and got red instead! I've popped on a picture of some I have in my Etsy shop to show you what they're like.

I’ll be doing both draws as soon as I hit the magic 50, so you’ve still got time to add me to your favourites or pick up something you like ready for the draw!


  1. BEAUTIFUL items, I am blown away! There are so many wonderful shops on Folksy thatsometime you miss one, I can't believe I have not found you until now! Have faved your shop and will defo be faving (if that is a word) some of your items for gifts for Christmas!

    Natalie x

  2. I think they are marvellous, I want to win!

  3. I love your work - fav's your folksy shop ages ago