Tuesday, 28 September 2010

And The Answer is.....

Thank you to everyone who had a go at guessing what strange glass items I was making last week. The answer was..... Dog Whistles!

Set just above the range of human hearing but they can be heard by dogs (and cats, but they are above being summoned by a whistle!) these whistles can be used as a training aid. The metal is gold plated, giving it that bright brass look without having to polish! At the other end is a link which can be attached to a keyring, bag, belt, or hung around the neck on a cord. I have made a hollow borosilicate glass centre with lots of colour to make it more eye-catching.

I imaged them straightaway as being an ideal addition to a Steampunk utility belt or purse. As Steampunks are likely to get into many scrapes and adventures, I can see this being quite useful; whether it's crash landing an airship in the Artic and needing to get the attention of a passing huskies train, or distracting werewolves in the back streets of London, I am sure this will do the job while adding a touch of extra style to any outfit!

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  1. This is fantastic and very beautiful I love it!