Monday, 4 October 2010

And the Winners are......

It seems like an age ago that I annouced that when I reached the magic 50 sales on Folksy I would do a little give away! Well, today a few little packages went out as a thank you for suporting my shop. I'd have loved to send something to everyone who bought from me, and favoured my shop! Instead I picked out of a hat (well, ok, not a real hat but a random number generator!) firstly Terry from (lovely neck warmers in silks, wools and cottons, ideal for these colder morning!) as one of the many people who have favourited my shop.

Second up was the fabulously named Treaclezoo who makes such fun crocheted things - they do look good enough to eat - who has been one of the many kind people who've bought from me on Folksy.

Hopefully I'll get to 100 sales on Folksy to do another giveaway with more prizes!

I've not managed to do much this week as I spent alot of time moving around the workshop, making more desk space so I can find what I'm looking for! Of course these things don't go to plan, so it took more time than expected, but the results have come up better than I expected, and now have a nice 'U' shaped workspace with the kiln back in easy reach - much safer than having to wander around with hot marbles. The worst part was having to move the extractor fan, only to knock it back down trying to get the benches back in! Doh! At least now I might not hit the wall with the end of long rods which was happening where I had it before. Above is a picture of the 'old' workshop, I'll try and get some new pictures taken before I make it too untidy!

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  1. Like your blog'S style!! Please keep on working hard. ^^