Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Return of the Razors!

Yes, razors are back!

One big problem I've had with making the razors I was selling in my Folksy shop last year was that the heads were no longer being made. Luckily I have a few squirreled away, although once these double blade ones are gone, they'll be gone for good!

Fortunately, I have managed to track down a source of new heads, and they take the Mach3 triple blades which I had lots of people asking about last year. They aren't quite as 'Edwardian' looking as the old type, and quite a bit more expensive, but it does mean I can continue to make them!

One problem I'd forgotten about (probably deliberately!) was the amount of rejects that I end up with. Making such long handles introduces alot of stress in the glass. Normally this isn't a problem as a good long soak in the kiln will anneal out these stresses. However on such long ones as this by the time I've finished working on the far end the other end has cooled too much and starts to crack! Even trying to keep it warm doesn't help, in fact it often makes it much worse, I even find that putting it into a warm kiln brings the temperature of the 'cold' end up too quickly and causes it to crack! Argh!

While trying to work around this I've been experimenting with making the entire handle solid glass. This makes, to my mind, much more pleasing and organic shapes with the light going straight through the handles allowing me to do much more exciting things with the colours and designs. Also as there is less metal work it makes the heads for it cost a little less too so I can do them a bit cheaper than the other Mach3 types! I really find this type exciting and want to do many more of these solid glass handles, I've only listed one so far but I have ideas for so many more

I have also found out the Venus Ladies blades fit these new heads too, so if I can get the pink boro to behave and not boil and bubble and go a horrible colour then I'll try making some Ladies razors too! Watch this space!

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  1. wow randomly came across your blog and i gotta say you have a very fun hobby! (or job) ! very nice work!