Wednesday, 6 October 2010


My New GTT 'Lynx'!!!

Much excitement here as I have a new torch! Although calling it a 'torch' seems a little tame, flamethrower would be much more apt description!

My current 'old faithful' minor has served me very well, but I've been itching to work on larger pieces for quite a while, the lack of heat also makes it slower too, and I've been unable to make any marbles above 36mm - and that really is pushing it past it's limit.

For a while I've had my eye on a GTT Lynx, which I finally took a deep breath and ordered. In preparation I decided to spend the weekend tidying the workshop, which ended up being a bit more of a dramatic move than I planned involving moving the extractor system to give me more elbow room.

I've not had a real chance to play with it yet, although I did sneak in a quick hour to see what it could do - it's going to take a little getting used to! I managed to make a flower marble, just under 31mm, so that's a good start, although I seemed to get a lot more grot on the glass than I expected. I am hoping it's just the move and the shake up of the propane tank, as that tends to be where any dirt tends to come from. Hopefully now I can get stuck in and get those razors and shaving brushes made now I have the firepower to deal with them! I think there will be some loud music played this weekend as accompaniment to the soundtrack of a fierce flame and intense glass melting!

Here's a quick couple of pictures of the workshop before it gets untidy (it really doesn't take long!) Under the desk at the left is a bulk glass storage rack, can you believe this was all the room I used to have for my legs? No wonder I used to get cramp after a long session!

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