Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Cinderella Stays Home

Tomorrow I return to the single life again, as ‘The Boss’ returns to Cambridge to continue her studies as a mature student, (which I always thought sounds better than being a normal student, like mature cheese is better?) and is on a great high with 70%+ scores which is fantastic, plus there is interest in turning one of her 5minute screenplays into a film!
This does mean my weekends stay fairly free to sit at my torch and be unsociable; I can play music loud with occasional breaks for tea, tomato soup and Dave (although after seeing the same episode of Top Gear four times I probably need to find another channel!) Of course the downside is coping with two crazed cats alone, all the household chores in the evenings, as well as the lack of company.
It’s also coming up to the time for fairs, but I doubt the pennies and time will allow this year to go to many of them. The big one is Flame Off in April, but my weary bank account and work schedule probably won’t allow for that this year. A pity, as it would be good to catch up with old and new friends, and learn some new techniques.

However, it’s not as grim and lonely as it sounds! This weekend I shall not be miserable stay-at-home Cinders, as I am popping down to Colchester to meet up with some local Etsy’ers from East Anglia. I am not sure how many we shall be, but it’ll be great to bounce some ideas around and meet people from other craft disciplines. Doubtless new friends will be made!
Also I have been ‘virtually’ meeting a lot of people on line recently, I feel like I’ve made more new friends and acquaintances in the past few Etsy & Folksy months than in the past five years in the village! There is a great community out there, and I’ve had a few swaps going on recently as I trade out some bits of kit I don’t/can’t use. I am eagerly awaiting a pack of Northstar which I swapped for torch-top marver that I couldn’t get on with. It was only after I said yes to the swap that I went to look at he colours ----ooooo---- some lovely looking ones there, should be fun to play with! Almost tempting to stay in this weekend after all; who say’s Cinders doesn’t have any fun?!

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