Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Germany Orange, Essex Purple

I’ve been playing with a glass from German maker Reichenbach, with mixed success. They do an ‘iris’ colour which changes colours as it’s heated and cooled, and if you can judge it right you are ‘supposed’ to be able to get lots of different colours out of a very unappealing beige rod.
After initially getting some nice colour reactions I got a lot of cracking so left this until recently when I picked them up again. For some reason I got it into my head they were a reducing colour (needs oxygen reduced flame.) So instead of interesting Raku style beads, I ended up with black hematite look beads instead!
I came across a post on Frit Happens about this glass so picked it up again, saw my mistake and returned to colourful beads. Only problem is, I’ve gone off this style a little now! Before consigning them to the back of the glass rack I tried etching some and loved the effect, seems to soften it, and looks great over deep transparent purple. Also tried some trails over pale Lavender, etched that and found it looks better without etching! What I really should be doing is sorting out a better photo session as I seem to spend ages trying to get a few blurred photos, not playing with temperamental glass!
(Front two in picture etch frosted)

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