Thursday, 29 January 2009

Boro Boro!

boro flower drops
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Another long day ding anything but glass! I've been working from home on some 'day job' stuff which has become very tedious. I just want to go and play glass! (Stamps foot!)
What has made it worse is I have two lots of very exciting glass to play with! I have some Northstar reactive glass that I swapped over at Frit Happens for a tool I don't use. It's been a while since I've used this sort of glass, it can be tricky but if I can pull it off there are loads of lovely colours that can come out of an apparently clear or beige coloured rod.
The other really exciting one is a few rods of coloured Boro (borosilicate - basically Pyrex!) I've been playing with clear for sometime to get a feel for it, but the colours are something else. Each colour acts differently, there is so much chemistry involved! I managed to get a hours play tonight, and the colours are amazing, although one bead did break in half, but it was a good try out. I still ended up going back to old favourites and did a couple of flower implosions - it's great not to have them crack near the end and not to have all stray bubbles in them I get with soft glass. I think there will be alot more of these to come!

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