Saturday, 31 January 2009

Does my Nose look big in this?

I realised I need to sort out a better 'filter' to use with the boro, so popped into a tool shop today where I had a choice. Proper welding goggles for £9.45, or a larger bit of filter for £4. Normally in this situation I would go for the cheapest option, bodge something, it wouldn't work, and then have to get the more expensive bit instead. So I buy the goggles, only problem I find is my nose doesn't somehow fit properly to it, it's really tight and uncomfortable. Maybe that's deliberate to help cut out fumes? So nervously I tried cutting some away with a scalpal (plastic off the goggles that is, not my nose!) Fits a little better, before I couldn't see 'down' which is no good since I am staring down on a flame! Still not much better though, and I'm going to have to find some foam rubber now to pad where there is sharp line now. I may well take the lens off and bolt it in front of my torch instead... just like I would have down with the £4 filter!

Finally got to meet up with Lisa at Iseestars and Cathy at from the East Anglia Etsy Team and had a chance to chat in real life! I am sure we will have a few more people for the next meet up.

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  1. I feel your pain! My husband had to rip off the 'shield' bits on my glasses as I just couldn't get comfortable in them. I can't figure out how everyone else can stand to wear them! I guess we're just oddly shaped :) xox