Sunday, 25 January 2009

Time for Bed yet?

It's been a mad few days in which I seem to have hardly been near my torch, on line, or in fact anything of much use at all! However I did have a lovely suprise from Kate over at Sublime Beads who sent me one of her amazing Goddess beads, stunning work! I was going to take a picie but it's been so overcast the ten minutes I get to do it and I can't seem to get a decent picture of anything!
I did manage a picture of this flower bead for etsy, although it doesn't really do justice to it. I'm starting to think I should do a video so I can move these things around to show the detail! Of course common sense would say to start making big beads again instead, so I can take a better picture, but where's the fun in that? Instead I've been wondering about doing this technique using stringers (very thin glass canes) to do micro-implosion beads..... humm, now that's something else to play with.

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